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Today, sports clubs, fitness centers, as well as various health clubs such as “Help yourself” grow like mushrooms after rain. Surprisingly, with all the richness of choice people have oriented himself: “the construction of the body” in an expensive sports club is much more effective than training in an institution of lower rank.

Save on himself – a thankless task. Meanwhile, on a monthly basis to give 100 conventional units for subscription can afford, not all sports-minded citizens …

What should we build a club?
We should start to understand: what is the fundamental difference between an expensive sports center on the cheap? If you do not take into account such things as location, level of repair and the number of classrooms, it turns out that basically the price depends on how the equipment is equipped with one or another object. Good sports simulator to distinguish from the bad pretty simple: just some time to work out first one and then – on the other … As they say, “Feel the Difference.”
Our bodies are much more susceptible to external shocks than it may seem at first glance. And if, after training on the equipment of poor quality of your emotions after a workout can be called a rather negative, after the simulator class is just the opposite. It is – with regard to the clientele.
At the masters gyms, clubs and sports centers interested in purchasing quality equipment is located in a different plane. It is well known: the lower the product specifications (any), the faster it goes down.
It is clear that once profitable to fork out for expensive “grebniki”, “bike” and the treadmill, and forget about it, rather than constantly engaged in repairing or replacing, bought on the cheap. Yes, and risk health visitors (God forbid heaviest load will terminate!), Believe me, anyone interested … In short, the savings in this case – a dubious thing. And yet, to give 100-200 thousand dollars on equipment of a sports club … Not all the entrepreneurs of St. Petersburg have the opportunity.
It turns out that once a person has set a goal to open a new sports center, so to him as soon as there is a problem of choice.

America, Europe …
To begin with, the global leader in fitness equipment – certainly, the United States. Not without reason manufacturing technology simulators originated precisely in Los Angeles. From time immemorial, America had a huge number of specialized plants that work in this direction. But what can I say: increasing the functional characteristics of fitness equipment in the United States engaged in the whole school!
Of course, that thanks to such a serious approach to business every movement of these simulators worked out literally to the millimeter. All this is developed very carefully without any out there, “plus-minus.” Train!
And now, if you do not mind, we turn to Evrope.O “Chinese” as well as on domestic manufacturers of sports equipment, say, perhaps, not at all worth it: there could be any good, either way.
European trainers (even the most promoted brand), of course, an order of magnitude higher than Chinese, but they are markedly inferior to the U.S.. Unlike the latter, they are not designed for commercial use. The fact remains: technologies of production in Europe is considerably weaker. And it suggests that their trainers more useful for private use (or, in extreme cases, for use in the VIP-club with a fairly limited clientele).

So who is more common in gyms?

And here is simple: the difference in price between “Europe” and “America” is quite palpable. For example, we can take such a popular trainer, as a treadmill. In Moscow this unit from leading U.S. companies will cost 10-11 thousand dollars … Now you understand? Wait until this machine pay for itself, will have to nd how long! It turns out that the money is much easier (and more profitable, which is already there! “) To purchase a pair, and then the three lower quality counterparts. Perhaps not break …